What is Ivana's House of Fairy Tales?

Ivana's House of Fairy Tales is a unique multimedia and interactive visitor's centre which celebrates fairy tales and their makers.

Based on the principles of knowledge, creativity and the use of new technologies, the centre presents the fairy tales of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić (born in Ogulin in 1874), Croatia's foremost writer of fairy tales, as well as the fairy tales of many other writers from both Croatia and the world.
Located within the mediaeval Frankopan Castle, Ivana's House of Fairy Tales consists of a permanent multimedia exhibition, a library, a multifunctional space for workshops, and a souvenir shop. The activities of Ivana's House extend to its website, which includes a virtual Fairy-Tale Database and an online library. In addition, the centre carries out publishing activities and organises creative and educational programmes for both children and adults. Organized throughout the year, the programmes include storytelling, literary and visual expression, film, performance and fine arts, plus design.
Welcome to Ivana's House of Fairy Tales and Ogulin, the Homeland of Fairy Tales!