Ivanas's house of fairy tales

The interactive and multimedia permanent exhibition is based on the principles of knowledge, creativity and the use of new technologies.

Magic Forest

The exhibition starts with the “Magic Forest”: a gateway into the world of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić, a world where trees narrate episodes from Ivana's life and stories from her books, a place where clever heads and capable hands can put together a real fairy tale!

Enchanted Castle Hallways

The “Enchanted Castle Hallways” are the perfect place to “get busy with” exploring fairy tales: what are fairy tales, who writes, collects and narrates them, and what are they about – these are some of the things you can learn in the “Enchanted Hallways”, or catch a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye.

Magic Mirror

A secret corner of the castle holds the “Magic Mirror”, which reveals the 'wondrous inner image' of all who look into it. But only those who listen carefully can get a 'monstrous' picture as a keepsake!


The “Fireplace” is the “warm” corner of Ivana's House of Fairy Tales where you can listen to (and later attempt to recreate) fairy tales in the “Fairy-Tale Jukebox”.

Fairy-Tale Library

In the “Fairy-Tale Library”, visitors can find numerous books of fairy tales and about them. Special attention is given to collecting valuable first editions of fairy tales. Should you need help browsing through the Library, simply ask one of our very own Brownies – the educators of Ivana's House of Fairy Tales.

Chamber of Mystery

The “Chamber of Mystery” is located in the centre of the “Enchanted Castle”. This is a multifunctional space where you can watch three educational animated films or play an interactive game. This is also the stage for theatrical productions, concerts and other events.