Mission and Vision


Our mission is to celebrate the writings of Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić and to use fairy tales to inspire a love of reading, knowledge and creative expression. By promoting the knowledge of fairy tales – a widespread literary genre – we encourage intercultural exchange and enhance the cultural and tourist prosperity of Ogulin, while actively contributing to the development of the city and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.


Vision - December 2013

Our vision of the future, which reaches as far as the year 2020, sees Ivana's House of Fairy Tales become one of the most popular cultural and tourist attractions in Croatia, and the city of Ogulin one of the most desirable places to live in Croatia! Generations of children have grown up in the Homeland of Fairy Tales, next to Ivana's House of Fairy Tales. Growing up within inspiring, multicultural, fairy-tale surroundings affects the personal and professional development of young people, inspiring a sense of pride and stimulating creativity and innovativeness. Thanks to a number of new and creative work places, young people decide to stay and work in their hometown. Numerous small and medium businesses have been started, particularly within the service sector, which complements the offer of Ivana's House of Fairy Tales. Visitors from all over Europe come to Ivana's House of Fairy Tales. Its European dimension is also evident in the dynamic international cooperation realised through numerous EU-funded projects. Volunteers are eager to work in Ivana's House of Fairy Tales which offers professional training and creative guidance for generations of young people from Croatia and Europe. Ivana's House of Fairy Tales is extremely popular with tourists and day-trippers. Since its foundation, it has been part of the curriculum of educational institutions. With its model of business success and its activities, the centre has inspired a number of similar attractions connected with the Homeland of Fairy Tales, in both Ogulin and Croatia, as well as their respective surroundings.


Vision today - December 2020 

Today, at the end of 2020 and 7 years later, we can proudly say that we have justified and achieved the vision from 2013. Today, Ivana's House of Fairy Tale is one of the most visited cultural and tourist attractions in Croatia, both for individual and group visits, as well as foreign tourists. We follow the trends and needs of the market every day, and we design and create new educational and creative content intended for all age groups.

The young generations from Ogulin are involved in the implementation of our projects, we regularly provide suitable creative workshops and activities, lessons, and storytelling to visitors of all ages. We also introduce them with the world of Ivana’s fairy tales and fairy tales from the rest of the world.

We are a frequent stop-point for other similar institutions in culture and tourism, as well as local and national media houses and magazines.

There are not many of us, but we work hard, and we believe in H. C. Andersen's statement: “Life itself is the most beautiful fairy tale”.



The following values form the basis of the strategic principles of Ivana's House of Fairy Tales, which are reflected, realised and recognised in all aspects of its activity.

Excellence in creativity and innovativeness: particularly in creating and developing programmes and museographic interpretations of fairy-tale heritage.
Knowledge: our work is primarily based on acquiring and transmitting knowledge, plus the continuous education of our employees.
Partnerships and networking: stimulating active partnerships and networking on both the national and European level is one of the foundations for developing our creativity, increasing our knowledge and expanding our professional and living horizons.
Spirit of place: through our activities and in synergy with the inhabitants of Ogulin, we identify and promote the unique spirit of place of Ogulin and its surroundings.